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for perfection

Perfect is a big word. Too big, you might say, for anything made by man. And then again, something happens when you get a sausage where the casing fits to the milimetre. Something you don't have to be a professional to understand. It's only human to do your best. Some of us do it every day.


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About Us

DAT-Schaub is the worldwide leader in sourcing, producing, warehousing, marketing and distributing natural and artificial casings and ingredients to the food industry.

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DAT-Schaub worldwide

The DAT-Schaub Group consists of more than 20 companies in 14 different countries.

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We have the widest product range of natural and artificial casings in the world



DAT-Schaub group starting operations in Spain

DAT-Schaub expands its business area to include Spain by entering a joint venture with casing


Co-operation between ViskoTeepak OY and the DAT-Schaub Group